Research on nuclear collision by Modesto Montoya

Modesto Montoya is a nuclear physicist who has conducted research on various topics related to nuclear physics. Here are some of the key findings from his research:

  • Montoya’s research work was on cold fission at the CEA Saclay and he participated in the discovery of nucleon-pair breaking in cold fission12.
  • He also studied the mass and kinetic energy of fragments resulting from nuclear collisions12.
  • As a guest scientist at the Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Orsay, he participated in research on deeply inelastic collisions123.
  • Montoya has published several papers on topics such as the correlation between prompt neutron multiplicity and fragment mass in thermal neutron-induced fission of uranium4.
  • He has also expressed concern about the state of governance in his home country of Peru3.

Overall, Montoya’s research has contributed to our understanding of nuclear physics, particularly in the areas of cold fission and nuclear collisions.

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