Summary of my science dissemination and promotion activities

• Science dissemination through the media
Publication, since October 10, 1984, of newspaper articles, first in the newspaper “La República”, “El Peruano, “El Comercio” and Other national media with a large number of readers.
Participant at the International Scientists Peace Congress and Statement to the press for the demilitarization of nuclear institutions in South America
Anchor-man of the Sciences section of the “Thresholds” (Umbrales) television program, broadcast by the TV Peru channel which to disseminate the advances achieved by Peruvian researchers in the various fields of science and technology (2010-2012)
Radio program “A meeting with Science”, broadcast by Radio San Borja and then by radio RBC and Eco Radio, respectively, and available on YouTube through the channel (2010-2019).
Science section at “Dialogue with Science section in the radio broadcasting Radio programme of Peru” (2010).
Interviews on science and technology issues in the media since 1990.

• Organization of science and technology events
«Fiftieth Anniversary of Nuclear Fission» (1989) and Forum on Science and Technology Policy 1990-1995 (1990), among further similar events.
“Science Festival” that promotes a communication between science and community (1993-2019).
lnternational Scientific Meeting (ECI), started in 1993 with Peruvian scientists who visited the first “Science Festival”. Since then, the most distinguished Peruvian scientists that live abroad and some scientists awarded by the Nobel Prize in Physics have participated in the ECI.
Political debates on science and technology, with a recent case of the Debates on science and technology between candidates for the Presidency of Peru 2021-2026. The most important media reported on this and similar events held on this topic.
Presidential Debate on Digital Transformation, organized in cooperation with the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, the National University of Engineering, the ESAN University and CEPRECYT (2021).

• Walk for science
Call to the Walk for science, an excursion, every May 1st, carried out by scientists and students in Salpo, a small town on the Peruvian Highlands, dedicated to agriculture, threatened by informal mining. This activity also includes a Workshop for children from Salpo region and neighbour areas.

• Science teaching
Foundation of the Center for Preparation for Science and Technology (CEPRECYT) (1992), aiming at promoting science and technology in all sectors of the Society.
Edition and dissemination, as of 2010, of experiments that children can carry out at home.

• Books about science and technology in Peru
Prof Montoya is the author of Several books aimed at science and engineering students.

• Impact of promoting science and technology
Incorporation in the article 14 of the 1993 Constitution of the provision: «It is a duty of the State to promote the scientific and technological development of the country».
Creation of the Laboratory of Singular Molecules by Prof. Carlos Bustamante of the University of Berkeley after participating in the summer ECI 2003.
SPECTRA and NanoAndes schools aimed at young Peruvian and Latin American scientists, created by French scientists, after participating in the winter ECI 2003.
Former students of the CEPRECYT today work in prestigious laboratories and universities both in Peru and abroad.

• Acknowledgments
The national press reported from the commencement, the activities to promote science and technology promoted by Prof. Montoya.
National Project Forum Award for his Search and Training of a New Scientific Generation (1993).
Visit to the Ceprecyt of two Nobel laureates in physics: Leon Max Lederman y Zhores Alferov, Nobel Laureates in Physics.
Programa sobre biografía broadcast in 2007 by TV Peru. The program ends with the sentence that today has become popular in Peru due to the COVID-19 pandemic: «Without Science there is no Future».
Invitation by the Congress of the Republic of Peru to present its proposals on science and technology policies in January 2013 y en in September 2017.
Grand Officer Award to the Order of Merit and Diploma for Distinguished Services (2004).
Diploma of Honor awarded by the Presidency of the Congress of the Republic (2017).

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