¿Cómo lo hizo, Karin Chumbimuni? De Huarochirí, al Agustino, la UNI, hoy profesora en la University of Central Florida, EEUU

Research Areas


  • Ultra-Sensitive Ion-Selective Sensors
  • Controllable Wireless Optical Sensors
  • Electrochemical Genotyping

Currently, Dr. Chumbimuni-Torres’s research interests focus on the understanding, characterization, and development of chemical sensors for biological applications. Analytes of interest are biological ions as well as biomolecules such as microRNAs, RNA, and DNA. In this direction, her lab’s aim is to integrate ultra-sensitive polymeric-based sensors into microchip platforms. Her group is also interested in studying the interactions at the interface of biomolecules and nanomaterials, the synthesis of nanoparticles and nanostructures, and the development of biocompatible materials for analytical devices. Her lab’s research interests have been extended to optical sensors where they use photoactive compounds to create sensors with the capability to be controlled using visible light for biomedical applications.



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