Investigar y publicar en revistas de alto impacto: experiencia del Dr. Carlos Mugruza, UNTELS

I am full professor at UNTELS, collaborating with 2 labs, in UK (UoDundee) and USA (UoDelaware) with a Cognitive Neuroimaging lab in a research group of Cognitive Computing and Neuroscience. Four projects allowed us to be ready for applications in Anaemia and Dyslexia impairment on Cognition and how participants compute under disasters. I am also reviewer of some journals such as: IEEE TNNLS (Scimago Q1), JBME (Scimago Q2/Q3) and RMIB (Scimago Q3/Q4). I was born in Huacho, near to current Bandurria discoveries. I obtained my bachelor degree in the 2nd place (of 55) at PUCP Electronic Engineering in Perú (2001), with some courses at Physics (1997-1999) and Biology (2000) departments. With this background, I was be able worked my under-graduate thesis degree at new material that uses a modification at Kings law (given in 1914) to measure flow, in the case at exhalation systems at mechanical ventilation. After that, I worked in some research and developmental projects between hospitals and Peruvian university (2000-2003), an interdisciplinary work, this group has several patents. Later, at masters at USP Neuroscience Laboratory in Brazil (2004-2006) we worked on a realistic model to simulate muscle fiber in groups (which agree in topology with experimental measure) and a fast algorithm to obtain a single fiber action to mathematical modeling of MUAP (implemented), with an experimental contrast. Then, a couple of inventiosn about Neonatal Device for Integral thermo-ventilatory treatment were done. Taking knowledge in database patents, I made a short paper about Patenting in neuroscience, about patents granted in Schizophrenia and Alzheimer diseases, more that the other diseases. Since 2009, I have been studying reorienting of attention in the University of Dundee (UoD) with experimental and theoretical explanation of brain networks (EEG and simultaneous EEG/fMRI). Formerly, it started in Univ. of Glasgow and Edinburgh, but moved to Ninewells hospital.

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