Matemática Rocío Caja Rivera, PhD, investigadora post doc de la University, se muestra escéptica de predicciones sobre el COVID 19 en Perú

Rocío Caja Rivera es experta en modelamiento matemático de enfermedades infecciosas.


I am postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Notre Dame (EE.UU). I hold my bachelor degree in Mathematical Sciences at “Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos” in Lima, Peru. Then, I got a fellowship from CONACYT-OEA-AMEXCID in Mexico to carry out my Doctoral research in “Control Policies and Vector Behavioral Effects in Vector Host Interactions with Novel Applications for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Peru. I obtained the degree of Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from CIMAT (Research Center in Mathematics) in Guanajuato, Mexico. My research interest includes, mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, particularly the eco-epidemiology dynamics of vector-borne diseases in multiple hosts, modeling zoonotic and anthroponotic diseases, vector feeding preferences for specific hosts and behavior of host competences. Moreover, my curiosity and passion in research link the following topics Vector-Borne Diseases,Species Diversity in Space and Time,Biodiversity,Spatial Ecology,Multiple Hosts and Vectors Behavior, Ecology, Epidemiology, Entomology,Mathematical Modeling,Pathogen Dynamics,Parameter Estimation Using Computational Techniques, Bifurcation Analysis,Sensitivity Analysis,Co-Infection Dynamics, Agent Based Models, Complex Systems, Population Based Models.

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