III Tele Encuentro Comunidad UNI: Experiencia sobre cursos online, Jorge Seminario, TAMU, USA

El próximo será el viernes 17 de abril, a las 10:00 a.m., con el Dr. Fernando Ponce (Arizona State University). Será a través de www.zoom.us

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El expositor del 10 de abril fue Jorge Seminario.

Jorge Seminario, ingeniero electrónico de la UNI, es docente investigador de la Texas A&M University.
Por la crisis sanitaria, desde el 23 de marzo está dictando sus cursos por internet.

PREMIO 2007:
Logro técnico sobresaliente – Academia.
GANADOR: Jorge M. Seminario, Ph.D.
Profesor de Ingeniería Química, Ingeniería Eléctrica e Informática, y Ciencia e Ingeniería de Materiales,
Titular de la Cátedra Lannater y Herb Fox, Texas A&M University.

Educational Background
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, 1988
M.S., Southern Illinois University, 1984
Engineer, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Lima, Peru, 1980
B.S., Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Lima, Peru, 1975
Research Interests
analysis, design and simulation of systems and materials of nanometer dimensions, especially those for the development of nanosensors and molecular electronics design smaller electronic devices and other systems in order to increase their efficiency, speed and energy savings, as well as reduce their costs.
Has developed new scenarios for molecular devices and systems using molecular potentials and molecular vibrations for processing and transport of information at nanometer scales.
Awards & Honors
Holder of the Fox Professorship
Selected Publications
Selis, L. A.; Seminario, J. M., Dendrite Formation in Silicon Anodes of Lithium-Ion Batteries. Royal Society of Chemistry – Advances 2018, 8, 5255-5267.
Roman-Vicharra, C.; Franco-Gallo, F.; Alaminsky, R. J.; Galvez-Aranda, D. E.; Balbuena, P. B.; Seminario, J. M., Sigma-Holes in Battery Materials Using Iso-Electrostatic Potential Surfaces. Crystals 2018, 8, 1-13.
Kumar, N.; Seminario, J. M., Molecular Dynamics Study of Thrombin Capture by Aptamers TBA26 and TBA29 Coupled to a DNA Origami. Molecular Simulations 2018, 44, 9, 749-756.
Jha, S.; Ponce, V.; Seminario, J. M., Investigating the Effects of Vacancies on Self-Diffusion in Silicon Clusters Using Classical Molecular Dynamics. J. Mol. Model. 2018, 24, 1-16.
Galvez-Aranda, D. E.; Seminario, J. M., Simulations of a LiF Solid Electrolyte Interphase Cracking on Silicon Anodes Using Molecular Dynamics. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2018, 165, A717-A730
Bobadilla, A. D.; Ocola, L. E.; Sumant, A. V.; Kaminski, M.; Seminario, J. M., PMMA Assisted Nanoscale Patterning of Graphene. J. Vac. Sci. Technol., A 2018, 2018.
Yu, J.; Xie, L.-H.; Li, J.-R.; Ma, Y.; Seminario, J. M.; Balbuena, P. B., CO2 Capture and Separations Using MOFs: Computational and Experimental Studies. Chem. Rev. 2017, 117, 9674–9754.
Ponce, V.; Galvez-Aranda, D. E.; Seminario, J. M., Analysis of a Li-Ion Nanobattery with Graphite Anode Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations. J. Phys. Chem. C 2017, 121, 12959–12971.
Galvez-Aranda, D. E.; Ponce, V.; Seminario, J. M., Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the First Charge of a Li-Ion—Si-Anode Nanobattery. J. Mol. Model. 2017, 23, 120.
Benitez, L.; Seminario, J. M., Ion Diffusivity through the Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Lithium-Ion Batteries. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2017, 164, E3159-E3170.
Google Scholar Profile

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