Tipos de pruebas de contagio de virus. Biólogo Carlos Malpica, M.Sc. en Instituto Pasteur.

Carlos Malpica Lizarzaburu es doctor en biotecnología por la Universidad Paris 7 con una maestría en microbiología en el Instituto Pasteur de París. Empresario biotecnológico, residente en España.

Av. Rey Juan Carlos I 21 Apt. 2E
28221 Majadahonda – SPAIN
Tel: +34 609 106 782 / +974 33059922
Fax: +34 911 413 394
E-mail: camalpica@malpica.net
International Executive MBA. Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, SPAIN
High studies diploma on European Union. Diplomatic School, Madrid, SPAIN
Ph.D. Molecular Biology. Paris University 7, FRANCE
M. Sc. General Microbiology. Pasteur Institute & Paris University 7, FRANCE
Life Sciences Agronomical Engineer. Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon, FRANCE
Professional proficiency: French, English and Spanish
Oral professional use: Italian, Portuguese
Basic dialogue level: Japanese, Arabic
CEO – Valdia Health S.L. Since February 2018
Start-up company established in Madrid, Spain. The company aspires to become a leading privatelyowned company providing best-in-class diagnostic support. The company aims to accelerate the path
towards precision medicine in Europe and the State of Qatar, from where it intends to extend this
pioneer concept to other countries in the Middle East.
CEO – MLP Vision Biotech S.L. Since May 2011
European Marketing & Sales Director – Metabolon Inc. June 2011 – December 2016
Global Business Development Director at Metabolon Inc. December 2016 – March 2018
Senior Business Consultant at Biocrates Life Sciences AG. Since April 2019
Spanish biotech company specialized in R&D and consultancy services in functional food/cosmetic
product development, multi-omic analysis applied to Life Sciences.
MLP Vision has commercialized Metabolon Inc. services in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Asia and
Australasia. Currently commercializes services from Biocrates Life Sciences AG in Europe, Middle East
and Latin America.
Commercial & Strategy Director – Biopolis S.L. October 2009 – April 2011
Spanish biotech company specialized in microbial biotechnology, also owner of Life Sequencing SL, a new
generation sequencing company. Offers R&D and contract manufacturing service to companies involved
in functional food, fine chemistry and pharmaceutical sectors.
International Marketing & Sales Director – Progenika S.A. October 2007 – September 2009
Spanish biotech company pioneer in personalized medicine with molecular diagnostic and prognostic
tools using genomic and proteomic technologies.
Natural Resources and Biotechnology Research Director – L’Oréal. Oct. 2006 – Sep. 2007
Development of innovative cosmetic products using plant and microbial chemical diversity
Secretary General – BioEuroLatina. June 2005 – October 2006
General Management of an International non-for-profit organization which aims at promoting
technological and economic bi-regional development of biotechnology in Europe and Latin America
Consultant – Peruvian Council for Science and Technology. December 2004 – June 2005
Design and implementation of the national strategy for industrial valorization of biodiversity
CEO – Kina Biotech S.L. Bilbao, SPAIN. October 2002 – November 2004
Spanish biotech start-up which valorizes natural resources from Andean Countries for the cosmetic,
pharmaceutical and agro-industries
Global Business Development Manager. January 2001 – October 2002
Syngenta A.G. Global Headquarters in Basel, SWITZERLAND
Head Business Development Europe. August 1999 – December 2000
Novartis Seeds S.A. Toulouse, FRANCE
Biotechnology Coordinator. March 1998 – July 1999
Director Environmental Plant Biology Laboratory. January 1996 – December 1998
Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT)
Ministry of Industry. Madrid, SPAIN
Research associate
Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. Madrid, SPAIN. October 1993 – January 1994
University of Ghent. Ghent, BELGIUM. February 1994 – December 1995
Washington University in St. Louis. Missouri, USA. November 1989 – September 1991
The Scripps Research Institute. California, USA. September 1991- September 1993
National Agronomic Research Institute. Toulouse, FRANCE. January -September 1989
Warwick University. Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM. July – August 1988
International Potato Center. Lima, PERU. December 1987 – February 1988
Vice-President. BioEuroLatina. Non-for-profit non-governmental association aimed to promote
cooperation in biotechnology between Europe and Latin America
Expert evaluator. European Commission – Science and Technology Life Sciences programmes
Member. FAO Latin American technical cooperation network on plant biotechnology (REDBIO)
Former Board Member. Plant Response (Spain) and Vivacell (Spain)
Board Member at Valdia Health SL. Valdia Health is a leading privately-owned company providing in
best-in-class diagnostic support in precision medicine with individual omic data, adding value to new
generation diagnostics. Valdia Health aims to accelerate the path towards precision medicine in the State
of Qatar and extend this pioneer concept to the Middle East.

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